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 Reasons for Editing/Locking/Binning/Deleting Topics 
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Unread post Reasons for Editing/Locking/Binning/Deleting Topics
Assalamualaykum Wr Wb,
We appreciate all what you put in these forums and your supports in turning it into a better community- that is one big family. However, In order to create a pleasant, organized and welcoming atmosphere for all, some topics maybe locked/deleted by administrators and moderators. So here are the main reasons for a topic to be edited/locked/binned/deleted,

1-As stated in rules, If the topic includes any racial, religious, country or personal insults this would cause it to be deleted or at least to be locked and binned.

2- If the topic encourages spamming (which is already against board rules), it would be locked. Yes we are aware that we need fun too, and its welcomed yet this does not mean we should use boards for instant messaging -For that our chat option will be available soon inshaAllah.- Therefore, we tolerate spam messages to some extent but at some point we have to interfere as otherwise they may go on forever. They're being replaced by new ones anyway, so thanks for your cooperation in that.

3- If the topic started had been already started by someone else, and already going on, then the second thread about the same subject would be locked. So then all users can concentrate on the issue under the same topic.

4- If the question/subject of the thread had been discussed and replied in earlier posts, the new topic would be locked whilst you're being referred to those older posts. Otherwise we would have bazillion posts for the same cause. And that'd cause a mess. We should use our space -forums- wisely.

5- If the discussion goes off topic, that is if it has no relation with the original subject of the thread, the topic maybe locked temporarily or permanently depending on the case. Let's try to post things which would be of benefit of the boards and us.

6-As we already know, this boards are aiming to unite people on a common ground, therefore posts which promotes division and focuses on differences would be asked to edit, and if they're not being edited by the post owner then they'd be edited/deleted/binned by the team.

7- If the same post is posted twice or thrice by the same person (intentionally or unintentionally) only the first one stays and others got deleted.

8-If the question asked by the user is already replied, then the topic can be binned. (For example if someone asked a link for arrivals, and if he had been supplied links by users, then the topic already served its aim and does not need to be there anymore.)

9- There are some sticky topics on our boards, like "The Arrivals Transcriptions" so if you post there something irrelevant, you maybe asked to remove it as the topic is serving a specific aim and not proper for conversing.

10- Problems with other users should be taken into private, if not the topic would be locked. (Incase you do not agree a person first try to discuss the issue with him/her in private. If you're seeing its not being helpful, or you're not heard, then report the issue to administrators in private.)

-Those are the points we consider while locking/binning/deleting a topic but it may appear to you as some administrators are taking much more action than others. That's directly related to the time being passed on boards, so simply the one who's more around takes more action. We thank all of you for considering this fact while judging an action.

-We're just a new, growing family. So we'll become bigger and better with your contributions and positive/negative feedbacks. Please do not hesitate to private us with them. They are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,
WUP Administration Team

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Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:09 am
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