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 Anwar Alawlaki Remembered & Kennedy common ground 
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Unread post Anwar Alawlaki Remembered & Kennedy common ground
I don't know about others but i first came across Sheikh Anwar Alawlaki when listening to his stories of the Prophets, The Story of Rassoul Allah, Hellfire, Abu bakir as Khalifa, The day of judgement, Major signs & the Anti christ.…Next I hear that he was assassinated because suddenly he was accused of having connections with Alqaeda. Although i did come across a recording whereby he did say something uncharacteristic of all his lectures whereby he is depicted as calling for violence against Americans…but somehow i am not convinced that HE said that.
The clip being circulated is questionable because it is very brief and convienetly cut which leaves me questioning
A- is it a fabricated clip?? Because I saw on tedtalks a breakthrough softwear that is computer imagery so lifelike it moves with facial features and you can have the face of anyone else recreated and saying what a reader says


B- Perhaps the incrimating clip was quoted out of context because i cant find the entire footage.

All in all, i cannot believe that such a Anwar Alawlaki could entice violence against others.

Relistening to the late Anwar's lecture i noticed one main theme…he had a growing Western World Muslim audience, and he mentioned the freemasons, the illuminati & secret societies & Kabala in his lectures
[/b]….The very same subject that Kennedy was also assassinated for.

According to Awlaki's father whom recorded a audio tape after his son and his grandsons assassination mentioned that a senior whitehouse staff member admitted "we have to shut him up" ….and shut him up they did, not only him but his 16 year old son too.
Both bombed by drone missiles and now both of them conspicuously labeled as 'terrorists' with links to a bogus organization in a bloody attempt to 'shut him up' and make him and what he exposed about the Freemasons forgotten.

This is why i feel Sheikh Anwar Alawlaki should be remembered and i have added some of videos why.



THIS IS THE INFAMOUS VIDEO DEPICTING AWLAKI ISSUING A DEATH THREAT- please notice how its cut and not completely shown

It just doesnt make sense that Alwaki would encourage violence against the his fellow American people when he makes such statements CONDEMNING VIOLENCE and HERE IS THE PROOF THAT ANWAR ALAWLAKI DOES NOT CONDONE KILLING!

ENTER THE DIGITAL PUPPET COURTESY OF HOLLYWOOD MAGIC--Whos to say that this very same technique was not used on that infamous 10 second/ cut clip of Anwar Awlaki enticing violence towards the americans?


Part two


Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:34 pm
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Unread post Re: Anwar Alawlaki Remembered & Kennedy common ground
This is another vid:

I find it odd also he changed that way, May Allah(SWT) accept his martyrdom. Ameen.
But we should agree that his changed view is also understandable, the US is indeed a nation of evil.

All humans are dead except those who have knowledge; and all those who have knowledge are asleep, except those who do good deeds; and those who do good deeds are deceived, except those who are sincere; and those who are sincere are always in a state of worry
- Imam Shafi (r.a)

VISIT: !!!!!!

Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:57 pm

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Unread post Re: Anwar Alawlaki Remembered & Kennedy common ground

We know the west manipulate information...the Imam had a lot of knowledge, his lectures , some of the best I have heard , he was elegant in his speech and knew had to deliver a lecture ...I have and still learn a lot from his lectures. at least he had the courage to say what the west is upto as it is, not hiding behind some bush.
I guess he could have had it easy by staying in the USA but that's not what he was about.

may Allah SWT bless him and his son

Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:41 pm
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Unread post Re: Anwar Alawlaki Remembered & Kennedy common ground
Ridwhan…Thank you for your input and the video you posted…i must say its quite a shocker, i dont get how Awlaki changed his rationale, in the video posted above he was against violence and killing of innocent civilians and in the shocking video you posted he was blatantly giving death threats and a call of jihad on innocent Americans.
It just doesnt make sense and his logic is twisted in the video what he is describing is not jihad its terrorism and its these kinds of people that harmed the Muslim Ummah.
Yes I wont deny that the war on islam (and it is a war on islam lead by the freemasons) is terrible, the unjust death of 1.5 million iraqis in their quest for the WMD's was bogus, but to retort and respond by killing innocents in their homeland in the way he describes is not aprooved by Allah or Rassoul Allah. If he wants to fight back then its place is on the battle field, not taking people by surprise and commiting acts that defile our religion.
I just dont get it that he changed his position….i still think its not him talking in these videos maybe they made a digital video which is easy because they can hide the imperfections behind the beard and glasses.
It just doenst add up

Please see my post below because I have taken back what i said here because i found further evidence that further corroberates that awlaki was innocent and the video Ridwan posted is most probably fake and anwar is not the person in the video

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Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:52 pm
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Unread post Re: Anwar Alawlaki Remembered & Kennedy common ground
I must add that I dont share the view that America is evil, just because of their forgein policy to condemn an entire people caling them evil is unfair. Rassoul Allah Mohammed would not aprove of seeping generalizations.
Their government, or the institutions running the world government are evil yes, but the people , the rest of humanity are victims, i wish them no harm as much as i dont wish harm on my neighbours.

Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:55 pm
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Unread post Re: Anwar Alawlaki Remembered & Kennedy common ground
Anwar Al Awlaki was one of the good guys mash'Allah. I love his lectures . They are to the point and full of information. He has thousands of lectures.

The videos I saw all of them. Something fishy there sis. Either its an edited clip or they tried to brainwash him.

Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:00 pm

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Unread post Re: Anwar Alawlaki Remembered & Kennedy common ground
Thank you for your videos and although there are certain controversial videos about him there is
no doubt that he is one of the few outstanding scholars in the world today.I dont think that his exposure
of the secret societies especially the freemasons is the main reason for his assassination for his exposure of them is only brief but the reason I believe is that his preachings of true Islam has been influencing increasing
numbers of Muslims around the world which in their twisted minds may become a threat to their agenda of
establishing their nwo.

Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:56 am
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Unread post Re: Anwar Alawlaki Remembered & Kennedy common ground
I was obviously taken back by the video Ridwan added…[b]But ive been listening to Awlaki's lecutures on islam and im now convinced that the video Ridawn posted is a fake digitally engineered clip by the freemasons to frame awlaki.

THE PERSON IN THE VIDEO RIDWAN POSTED IS NOT ANWAR ALAWLAKI - its a computer generated framing of him - like the ones they made of bin laden to frame him too.[/b]

Awlaki was taken out because he was opening the eyes of the western world muslims to the freemasons. I do not believe that he made or ever said the death threats in the video ridwan posted because it contradicts awlakis ethos and teachings, i will post more videos of AWLAKI CONDEMNING VIOLENCE AGAINST INNOCENTS it does not make sense that he would suddendly begin calling for violence..

Below is further proof that Awlaki was framed in an elaborate special effects accusation video to justify killing him

Listen to what he says here at 51:17


"Walla ya ikhwa sometimes you feel very sad that the muslims are asleep they dont realise whats going on around them. Brothers and sisters theres a great conspiracy against islam , there is a conspiracy against the religion , there are attempts by the enemy of Allah (freemasons/illuminati ) to make you follow a water downed religion and theyre spending lots of money and lots of efforts for that purpose, and theyre not gonna do it by their own people theyre gonna use muslims to do it for them theyre gona use the fifth collumn to do it for them- almunaiqoun ( hypocrites) to do it for them and some of these munafiqeen can be men of knowledge so you have to be very awear…you dont have to learn this from the media or go to these conspiracy books it is right there in the Quran , look at the worse statements you can find by the enemies of Allah quoted in the media- the worse they can say ..and then remember when Allah says "Qad badat albaqbqah min afwahihum wa ma tukhfe sudourihum" (translation) "Hatred has appeared from their mouths but what their hearts conceal is greater" all of these statements are the tip of the iceberg , you havent seen anything , believe it when Allah says in the Quran "wa in kaan makrahum tazoola minhu aljibaal" "they are plotting against you and their plotting is sufficient it can move mountains out thier place" The plotting is so bad "Makur illayl wa alnahar" (transation) Plotting of day and night" so were gona have to wake up"

This is what Awlaki said and i believe that his death was a result of their plotting against him, this is why a white house official said " we have to shut him up" (as per his father recording above)

They plotted against him and made the fake video of him giving death treats…That wasnt him in the video - please refer to the brad pit special effects movie i posted above showing you how they digitally recreate faces on screen to say things - THATS NOT ANWAR ALAWLAKI talking - that was the "makr" - the plotting they plotted against him when they was waking people up.

So they killed and silenced him

hasbey Allah wa neem alwakeeyl Inna lillah wa inna eylahi rajioun

BTW the muslim munafiqeen (hypocrites) are the sell outs whom traded their deen for their places , riches and power, not just the ignorant ulema

Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:57 am

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Unread post Re: Anwar Alawlaki Remembered & Kennedy common ground
Wasn't the black magic / freemason lecture was done by another Muslim speaker he is quite well known he goes by the name of Hamza Yusuf an American Muslim revert? I recognise that voice could be wrong sound very similar!

Anwar Alawlaki; did this man support 9/11 like Osama did? And also support the "shoe bomber" and "underwear bomber", and or is this a frame up by the msm media?

JFK was a staged and scripted event pushed by msm media as well as many past major events in our history 9/11, 7/7, moon landing involving fakery, mainipulation, actors...well alteast in my lifetime anyway and in recent times were these so called shoe bombers and underwear bombers they were just actors who just happen to be part of the very same elite families pushing agenda thanks to the TV; we sat, we saw, we believed. HOLLYwood made reality.


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Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:25 am
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Unread post Re: Anwar Alawlaki Remembered & Kennedy common ground
More PROOF that Anwar alawlaki was awakening up the people to the illuminati and therefore was is framed and murdered and silenced.

Im listening to his cd Alseera alnabaweya about Rassoul Allah and as a contemporary scholar he joined the dots. Here is says

[quote] "developing a Muslim Identity; there is a global culture that is being forced down the throats of everyone on the face of the earth, this global culture is being protected and promoted. Thomas Freidman , a famous writer that writes for the New York times, says, " the hidden hand of the market cannot survive without a hidden fist. Mcdonnalds (hamburger chain) will never flourish without Mcdonnald douglas , the designer of the f-16. " In other words were not really dealing with a global culture, in other words were not dealing with a global culture thats benign or compassionate, you either accept Mcdonalds otherwise Mcdonnald douglas will send their F-16 above your head. It is a very intolerant culture, that cannot co-exist with anything else. It uproots everyother culture on the face of the earth. Cuts the rots of it. And you have a famous quote her by Alexander Saltizen, he is a famous russian writer, he says, to destroy a people you must first destroy their roots, so its really a destruction of the people of the earth because every other culture is being demolished, so this is not a global culture that will co-exist with others: It will replace us, and the only ideology that is standing up to this is Islam, as muslims , especially muslims living in the west , we are suffering from a serious identity crisis, i mean you would find that a brother of sister is practicing islam, but the identity, the islamic identity is lost, i mean the person would have more in common with a rock star or soccer player than they would with a companion of Rassoul Allah pbuh, in fact more that the anbeya (prophets) I mean how many of the youth know the names of all anbeya Allah (Allahs prophets and messengers)?
The way to combat this is
Number 1- to learn islamic history all about the prophets and the companions of Rassoul Allah, thats number one, by having an identity based on our history, we are an extention of our Ummah, we are not severed from our roots we are part of a glorious ummah that we need to study about
number 2- By being part of the world wide muslim ummah, our local identity shouldnt override our muslim identity.
We need to learn about the existing muslim ummah , what happens in Palestine should concern every member of the muslim british, what happens in kashmir should concern every american muslim, what happens to the muslims in the rest of the world should concern me like it happend inside my house.
Two important elements in building a muslim identity: Being part of the Ummah and caring about the Ummah.[un-quote]

So there you have it, Awlaki was opening muslim eyes, he was bring attention to the freemason / illuminati plans, he was strengthening muslim identity and compassion towards other muslims, he was undoing the dajjal plan.
I cannot believe that he had links to terrorists groups.
I cannot believe that Awlaki made the video posted by Ridwan above, i am begining to think that that video is a digital production. I hope someone here has the know how to zoom in on the footage and find the pixels or some tell tale sign that its not really awlaki talking but rather hollywood onsceen magic. I wish we had muslim professionals that can examine and investigate their evidence (the footage ) against Awlaki.

I wanted to bring this probability to light and wrote it down here, i hope experts can do the rest and challenge the allegations against Awlaki

Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:38 am
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