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 After the Cold War, now welcome the Gold War 
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Unread post After the Cold War, now welcome the Gold War
It's not about the nuclear issue. It's all about GOLD

Central Bankers Agenda: Obama Sanctions Against Iran Over Gold
Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
August 3, 2012

Last month, President Obama placed more stringent sanctions on Iran’s oil sales and financial transactions. And in the next breath, he claimed that because Iran is supposedly developing a nuclear weapon, Obama will “once again reaffirming [the US government’s] commitment to hold the Iranian government accountable for its actions.”

While Israel is threatening to attack Iran pre-emptively to “knock out” nuclear facilities, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister asserts that “all the sanctions and diplomacy so far have not set back the Iranian (nuclear) program by one iota And that’s why I believe that we need a strong and credible military threat coupled with the sanctions to have a chance to change that situation.”

Sanctions placed against Iran are directed at their economy and value of their currency because Iran has been using gold instead of the US dollar to trade with other nations for their oil.

Obama’s latest round of sanctions, by executive order, is aimed at preventing “payment mechanisms for the purchase of Iranian oil to circumvent existing sanctions.” By targeting specific banks, Bank of Kunlun of China and Elaf Islamic Bank of Iraq, Obama wants to make sure “transactions worth millions of dollars on behalf of Iranian banks that are subject to sanctions for their links to Iran’s illicit proliferation activities.”

Obama warned that the US will “expose any financial institution, no matter where they are located, that allows the increasingly desperate Iranian regime to retain access to the international financial system.”

Working for the banking Elite, Obama has made his position clear. He is using the might of the US military to stop Iran from further devaluation of the US dollar; and now threatening all other financial institutions and nations that deal with Iran or facilitate payment in any currency other than the US dollar.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, believes that US will declare “war within weeks”. Khamenei said: “While retaliation had been exhaustively drilled in regular military exercises in the past year, Khamenei ordered the biggest fortification project in Iran’s history to save its nuclear program from even the mightiest of America’s super-weapons. Rocks are being gathered from afar, piled on key nuclear installations, covered with many tons of poured concrete and finally plated with steel.”

Iran’s plan to close the Strait of Hormuz is a strategic response to the US by cutting off 33% of the world’s shipments of oil. It was met with underwater drones that targeted the blockade. As well as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates opening pipelines to bypass the Strait in efforts to increase oil that is moved out of the region.

Last month, reports of war games began surfacing. The Israeli Air Force is practicing aerial combat maneuvers with the US, NATO and European armed forces. They are collaborating on potential strike zones; mainly focusing on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Joe Biden, US vice-president confirmed that the US would not “stand in the way” of Israel’s attack on Iran. “The US cannot dictate to another sovereign nation what they can and cannot do. Israel can determine for itself – it’s a sovereign nation – what’s in their interest and what they decide to do relative to Iran and anyone else.”

Ephraim Halevy, former Israeli spy, warns that Iran should take Israel seriously – that they have every intention of striking and that the “next 12 weeks are very critical”.

Netanyahu, fearing that the newly elected president will not want to have a winter war, wants to attack before the elections season begins in the US.

In globalist speak this is just rhetoric, as the plan to invade Iran centers around the global reserve currency and not nuclear facilities. Whether or not Obama is re-elected is irrelevant if the US dollar is further compromised by the actions of nations using gold as currency.

"Read THE END - A review of some Islamic traditions regarding the end time"

"Read Conspiracy theories for beginners - A crash course"

Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:04 am
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Unread post Re: After the Cold War, now welcome the Gold War
Yup, gold is a danger for the riba system the world is controlled by.

All humans are dead except those who have knowledge; and all those who have knowledge are asleep, except those who do good deeds; and those who do good deeds are deceived, except those who are sincere; and those who are sincere are always in a state of worry
- Imam Shafi (r.a)

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Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:39 am
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Unread post Re: After the Cold War, now welcome the Gold War
gadafi tried and failed, so lets see if iran or pakistan can succeed. very much doubt that pakistan's pupet leaders will do anything as long as obama is throwing doggy bones at zardari and his "W****s". If they succeed in dealing with Iran then you know who is next.

Sat Aug 04, 2012 1:39 pm
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Unread post Re: After the Cold War, now welcome the Gold War
as_salàm 'alaykùm,

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Building
York & Sawyer, 1919-1924. One of twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks, and the biggest repository of gold in the world.

33 liberty street

who officialy owns the Word's Gold in a top ten ...

#10 Netherlands 612.5 tonnes

#9 Japan 765.2

#8 Switzerland 1040.1

#7 China 1054.0

#6 SPDR Gold Shares ETF 1,120.6

#5 France 2,450.7

#4 Italy 2,451.8

#3 International Monetary Fund 3,217.3

#2 Germany 3,412.6

#1 United States 8,133.5



Gold is the original recyclable material. It is easy to work with, shape, repair, and melt down. Since it never tarnishes, you never throw it away, you recycle it. What you see today in your ring or necklace could easily have had a very sordid previous life.

Most gold bullion coins that you see on the market today are newly minted or freshly mined. However, there is much of this mineral in the world today that could easily have been the same gold that the Spaniards pillaged out of Mexico and South America. For centuries, South America was one of the most important sources of gold for the European economy. It was stolen, mined, and melted into bars for the upper class of Spain, France, and Portugal. Most of the upper class were none the wiser to how this beautiful commodity came into their possession.

U.S. Third Army, 90th Division discovered this Reichsbank wealth, Berlin museum paintings and stolen gold from the SS that were removed from Berlin to a salt mine in Merkers, Germany, April 15, 1945. In addition the U.S. Army uncovered other significant bodies of Nazi loot, including gold wedding rings found at concentration camps.

General Dwight Eisenhower inspects Nazi gold uncovered by Allied forces in 1945. See more pictures of World War II.

the gold wars wrote:
Gold used to be the industrial world’s money. Then World War I broke out in
1914. The banks suspended redemption of gold for paper money. This broke all contracts,
but the governments all ratified this action. Then the governments had their central banks
confiscate the gold that had been stored in the vaults of the commercial banks. The public
has never returned to a full gold coin standard. Instead, the world went on a fiat money

Là ilàha illà ALLAH
Mùhammad ar-Rasool ALLAH (sA'aws)

Ummà's Victory goes with the destruction of Reeba (Usury)
the zionist plan for middle-east, 1982 [arab spring]
the dogma of the trinity
The Controversy of Zion [masterpiece for understanding]
two opposed forces make standing the Pyramid

Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:36 pm
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