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 The WUP rules for posting 
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Unread post The WUP rules for posting
Assalam ´Aleykum wa Rahmatullah/greetings,

The staff of WUP kindly announces the rules and regulations that you are expected to comply with. These are simple normal rules for social behaviour which we hope you also follow in a normal society.

Members should refrain from:
Extreme profanity
Religious bashing and intolerance
Creating threads or posts that instigate sectarianism
Abusing Administrators or Moderators
Providing links to pornographic or "shock" sites
Providing links to torrent sites, warez sites, and direct download of copyrighted materials.
Uploading pornographic images

If any of the above is spotted by WUP staff, you will be warned, and if you continue breaking the rules, then the moderators or administrators will have you banned/blocked.

If you see a post that you suspect is in violation of these rules, please click the "report" (!) button in the lower right section of a post and provide information.

Rules can be added anytime by anyone of the WUP administrators.

Earn respect by respecting others.

Al-Qur'an Surah Aali Imraan verse 105
"Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into disputations after receiving Clear Signs: For them is a dreadful penalty"

Sat Feb 07, 2009 4:13 am
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Unread post Re: The WUP rules for posting
Assalamo Alakom, (Peace to all)

What are the rules for commenting on WUP?
We are aware that the nature of the site can sometimes lead to heated discussion. However we have to have some rules in place to retain some semblance of order to prevent posts being derailed.

1. Flaming. “Flaming” or directly insulting fellow members will not be tolerated. Your comments will be removed, and you could get a warning (Please see below for “warnings”). Generalisation is NOT considered a flame. If someone insults your country this is not an excuse to insult them.

2. Racial Slurs. Racial slurs are forbidden on WakeupProject. This is not down to ‘political correctness’ or for fear of offending someone. The use of racial slurs leads to further arguments, places the site under undue scrutiny, and generally smacks of ignorance. We are aware some people have vastly different ideas on race than others, we are not trying to tell you how to think. We are merely asking you voice your opinions within our rules.

3. Private information. The posting of private information is forbidden. Any member found sharing another members personal information on this site (Full name, phone number, address, e.t.c.) runs the risk of being banned. Even if this information is freely available elsewhere on the internet members will not bring it into WUP nor link to it.

4. Trolling. Deliberately making post after post with the sole intent of disrupting the site will result in your account, and possibly any future accounts, being banned without warning

5. Spamming. Advertising (without the prior agreement of WakeupProject.com), making the same comments over and over, or the continuous use of “pointless” single character posts and the like will be treated as spam.

6. Posting of private messages. Private messages are not intended for public consumption. Please keep them between yourselves.

7. Providing or posting links to pornographic or "shock" or Hacking, or illegal sites or the upload of pornographic/lewd images is strictly prohibited, an automatic warning or ban will be issued.

8. On WakeupProject.com our goal is to unite and not to divide, thus any religious intolerance towards other members, sects, groups will not be tolerated. Please keep in mind that being positive or tolerant towards others weighs a lot heavier than being negative or intolerant. Subjects that will lead to any form of debate like Shia Vs. Sunni, Muslims Vs. Christians are not allowed. These topics lead to more harm than good, and only raise arguments that could potentially lead to a Strife, we here at the WUP try to avoid at all costs.

Please remember that WakeupProject.com is a privately owned website and we reserve the right to remove comments without warning or notice.

How do the warnings work on WakeupProject.com?
Here on WUP we operate a three strike system for most offenses. This means you will often receive up to three warnings from the WUP moderators before you face being banned from the site. You can even appeal these warnings via messaging our staff if you think they have been wrongly applied. If you do so then your case will be looked at by administrators and senior staff. There are exceptions to the three strike rule. If you are a returning previously banned member or someone who has repeatedly broken the rules in a very short span of time or your comments indicate your only goal on WakeupProject.com is to cause disruption your account can be disabled without any warnings.

What about my freedom of speech?
On WakeupProject.com we endeavour to always support our members freedom of thought, and to some extent, speech. We are not here to tell you how to think or what your opinions of others should be. At the same time we have to operate a site with a very diverse user base. All we ask of our members is that you exercise some self moderation when it comes to voicing your opinions. Certain expressions and insults do nothing but derail threads and cause a snowball effect.

On WakeupProject.com you will meet people from all corners of the globe and differing viewpoints to yourself. Whilst this can often lead to heated debate we encourage our members to enjoy these differences and perhaps learn from them. Just do so within our rules.

As a privately owned website WakeupProject.com reserves the right to refuse / terminate accounts without any prior notice.
Finally, thank you very much for joining us, please enjoy the site.

Sat Feb 14, 2009 3:13 am
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Unread post Re: The WUP rules for posting
Brothers and Sisters:

When using the quote command, please do not quote videos, blocks of quotes, or anything not necessary.

For example, instead of:

insha wrote:

Do this:

And instead of answering a question like this:

I like blue flowers!
I like red ones!
What colors did the Prophet like?


Answer it like this:

What colors did the Prophet like?


Insha `Allah this will make the forums much easier to browse and prevent flooding the forums with unnecessary and repetitive posts.

Road To Qiyamah

Part 9:

The Wake Up Project proudly presents it's newest documentary investigating the signs leading to the last day of judgment and resurrection that have already occurred and continue to intensify.

{People are strange when you're a stranger...}

Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:05 am
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