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 Americans receive training as terrorists in Israel 
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Unread post Americans receive training as terrorists in Israel
The “Caliber 3” terrorist school is located the Gush Etzion, a Jewish “settlement” in the Jewish-occupied West Bank. The school was set up in 2000 and provides weapons training to Jewish soldiers, bodyguards, and Jewish tourists from abroad who enjoy firing machine guns at photos of Palestinians wearing the chequered keffiyeh scarf.

The foreign terrorist school’s web site says it offers "the values of Zionism with the excitement and enjoyment of shooting which makes the activity more meaningful"...


It's a major draw for American tourists, with hundreds flocking to the school. Rachel Frogel, a young mother holding a baby in her arms, says that shooting Arabs is, “A fun experience for the whole family.”

The local council of the Gush Etzion bloc of “settlements” promotes Caliber 3 in its tourist brochures. Sharon Gat, the owner, calls it “a Zionist attraction.”

“What is key is hearing how we fight every day to protect the Jewish state,” says Gat, with a pistol on his belt. “Contact with real soldiers who have experienced anti-terrorism fighting means that everything shown and taught is authentic.”


http://www.france24.com/en/20120720-thr ... bank-range

Speaking of shooting ranges…

On 13 April 2012, Jubair Ahmed, 24, of Woodbridge, Virginia was sentenced to 12 years in prison, plus five years supervised release. Mr. Ahmed’s “crime” was to make a video that showed members of the Lashkar-e-Taiba at a weapons range, exactly like the Jewish range, mentioned above.

Lashkar-e-Taiba is a Muslim group in Pakistan that opposes imperialism.

The USA lists the Lashkar-e-Taiba as a terrorist group, and blames it for the November 2008 false flag Mumbai attacks, in which Mossad and the Indian government paid 10 gunmen to rampage through India’s financial hub, killing 160 people, including six Americans. The false flag legitimized India’s brutality in places like Kashmir.

Speaking of shooting ranges…

An FBI operative named Shahed Hussain is a veteran of entrapping Muslims in fake “terrorist” plots. Mr. Hussein approached Khalifa Al-Akili of East Liberty, Pennsylvania and tried to entrap him. Mr. Akili exposed it all in a Facebook page, saying, “I would like to pursue a legal action against the FBI due to their continuous harassment.” The FBI entrapment target, Mr. Akili, also set up a press conference in Washington with Muslim civil liberties groups to expose the scam.

In mid-March 2012 the FBI responded by arresting him and charging him with briefly using a .22-caliber rifle at a shooting range several years earlier, an act deemed illegal because of a decade-old drug conviction.

Mr. Akili was treated as a terrorist, even though he was not arrested on terrorism-related charges. US Attorneys claimed to have seen unspecified “jihadist literature” at his apartment. US Attorneys also claimed that Mr. Akili told an FBI informant of his desire to go to Pakistan and join the Taliban. The judge ordered Mr. Akili held without bail.

In 2006 the FBI employee, Shahed Hussain, entrapped two Muslim men in Albany, New York, causing each to be sentenced to 25 years. In 2008, Shahed Hussain was dispatched to Newburgh, New York, where he spent nearly a year entrapping a group of homeless Black and Haitian men. After the men were convicted, the judge in the case, Colleen McMahon, said it was “beyond question that the government created the crime here.” The judge criticized the FBI for sending informants “trolling among the citizens of a troubled community, offering very poor people money if they will play some role—any role—in criminal activity.” Then she sentenced each victim to twenty-five years in prison.

FBI informants are typically sociopaths and career criminals. Often they are so aggressive that they immediately blow their cover, For example, the FBI paid Craig Monteilh, a former fitness instructor, $177,000 to troll gyms and mosques across Orange County, California (home to America’s second-largest Muslim population), looking for people to entrap. When local Muslims realized what he was doing, and took out a restraining order against him, Craig Monteilh was no longer useful to entrap victims. Therefore the FBI removed their protection from him, and he was convicted and imprisoned on grand larceny charges in an unrelated incident.

Muslims are aware of all this, but the FBI trains its informants to seek out homeless people, or people with financial problems, or people who might be susceptible to rumors about their sexual orientation. That is, people who can be singled out and manipulated.

A popular FBI target is people who have potential immigration issues. When Ahmadullah Niazi refused to become an FBI informant, the FBI arrested him on charges of lying to immigration officials after Niazi allegedly denied having family ties to a member of Al Qaeda.

In 2010 the FBI asked Tarek Saleh to travel to Afghanistan and make contact with a relative who was allegedly part of Al Qaeda be an informant. When Mr. Saleh refused, the FBI derailed his green card application.

The FBI asked Tarek Mehanna to become an informant. When Mehanna refused, the FBI arrested him as a terrorist, claiming that he had translated “jihadist” texts.

In 2010, FBI agents and other American officials contacted Yonas Fikre from Portland, Oregon, while Mr. Fikre was visiting family in Sudan. Fikre declined to become an informant. A year later, while traveling in the United Arab Emirates, Fikre was arrested by local security forces, who tortured him for three months. One of his interrogators told him he was being held at the behest of the United States.

Essentially an FBI agent approaches you and requests a “voluntary interview.” If you refuse, then the police arrest you on some trumped-up charge. The FBI then asks you to become an informant. If you refuse, the FBI ruins your life.

In 2005 the FBI’s own Office of the Inspector General found “serious shortcomings” in the bureau’s Criminal Informant Program. The report, which examined some 120 cases related to terrorism, found that 87 percent of the investigations involving informants contained violations of the FBI’s own guidelines.

http://www.thenation.com/article/168380 ... s-muslims#

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Unread post Re: Americans receive training as terrorists in Israel
No where in the article does it refer to a mother named Rachel holding a baby saying it's a fun experience for the whole family to shoot Arabs. I'd like you to cite what you source properly so you don't mislead people into thinking that people can be so deluded into such insanity. Thank you bro. I'd also like to see these pictures that they're using...

Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:23 pm
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