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 dark side of the moon 
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Unread post dark side of the moon

Watch the video. It says we always see the same side of the moon. It shows the car going round the round about, and says one side of the car always faces the round about so thats the explanation. BUT he already said the moon rotates around its own axis, so if the car was also rotating around its own axis then its not possible for one side of the car to always be facing the round about?

Im no astronomer so physics expert so maybe someone could explain it better with a better video or diagram?

But see the picture below. If we get 8 people to stand in a circle all looking out so we see 360 degrees around the group at all times (who are also slowly walking round a circle / oribiting). Then we get MR X on his own to walk slowly round the group. At all times he can be seen by atleast one person in the circle. Now mr x faces the group and side steps round the group. OK so we can say that at ALL times mr x's face is visible to atleast one person in the circle and at no point can anyone see his rear. But then MR X decides its boring and also starts spinning round on the spot (axis) while he walks around the group. Now how can anyone say that there is a dark side of Mr X which no one can see, because he is spinning so at some point his rear will be facing the group of people and ATLEAST one person will be able to see this...


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Unread post Re: dark side of the moon
this is making me spin bro :) [reminds me of those horrible maths & physics questions ;) ]

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Unread post Re: dark side of the moon
its a simple diagram and idea to understand, but maybe not quiet right?

Sun May 06, 2012 3:19 pm
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Unread post Re: dark side of the moon
Subhanallah, Allah SWT forces the moon to always hide one portion of it from us. Why is that?

I can only begin to fathom why one side of the moon would be hidden from view, but I'd like to speculate that perhaps there are cities of djinn-only populations there.

My sister and I were making a joke one night when at an observatory. The employees were shining a very strong green laser into the atmosphere directly at the moon, and we came up with the idea that a mother djinn and her kids are eating dinner in their house when the green laser shines right into their window, blinding them. The mother will say, "okay, THAT's IT, time to move to cousin Bob's house on the dark side of the moon! Those no good, inconsiderate humans shining their lights us every night..."

Not to mention that both in 2009 and 2010, NASA bombed the moon "supposedly to find water". Something tells me that maybe negotiations between the djinn populations there and the humans here did not go as planned, so it was decided to coerce them by blowing up innocent civilians.


Or, they were searching for water on the moon by studying the debris that flew into space as a result.

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