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 **Tying in Some of the Theories** 
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Unread post Re: **Tying in Some of the Theories**
helpme wrote:

The million dollar question; Yes, WHY? The moon?
PERHAPS: They don't want us to know that one day one half of the moon (probably the dark side of the moon) is missing and perilously floating away waywardly???

They'd be the first to know anyway since the recent twin space probes (called GRAIL?) are designed to actually monitor the Inner Moon.

http://www.wup-forum.com/viewtopic.php? ... on#p261693
The Grail-B spacecraft reunited with Grail-A after a three-month mission costing $496 million. The two will orbit the moon in tight formation to measure its gravity - and map its little-understood interior.

The mission could answer questions such as whether there was ever a second moon - and why our moon is such an odd shape.

Then, they'll make their golden ticket ready for passage into their deep underground cities all over the world.

The more that we look for signs from the Cosmos, we seem to forget the greatest miracle of Cosmic Nature - intimately related to the moon that has happened during the lifetime of the Sayyidul Mursaleen Sayyiduna Muhammad sollallahu alahi wa alihi wasallam.


highly likely a one-off incident 'never happened before event'....as a clear sign to ALL those that are in the know, that indeed the Final Prophet has come and the HOUR has drawn much closer.

[Kings of the Far East went out in search of the Final Prophet, Brahmins keepers of sacred knowledge awaits the coming the restored Deen, Djinn council was summoned to make their choices....come on now, this sign was not meant just for the thick headed Quraish]

now this post is a just a feeble attempt to put things in perspective and an attempt to tie things/events together, to really make sense of what is to come.

Lately, I can't help but feel deep angst and have butterflies in the stomach every time I gaze into the beautiful moon. It's more of a mixed feeling of dread and at the same time relief; with the knowledge (identifiable in the Al-Quran; Surah Al-Qiyamah) that the moon will one day be taken away and be destroyed.

Now tying things together; these prophesied events take center stage:

Precursor sign of all signs to the Mahdi - topsy-turvy / reverse double eclipses of Ramadhan;
- (mentioned as a one-off event, never happened before) Lunar Eclipse in the beginning of the month, Solar eclipse in the middle of the month. [an absolute impossibility by conventional comprehension]

The Blast of mid-Ramadhan;
- judging by the sheer number of craters of the moon (impact of countless asteroids) & with the moon in such wayward positions (split apart once again), we will surely miss the moon rendering her services to Earth that acted like a shield against incoming 'space debris'

......expect, as they say "All hell breaks loose"; without a satellite acting as a shield expect Earth getting pelted with 'fiery stones' from the skies [lookup the verse 'AM AMINTUM.....HASIBAN' in Sural Al-Mulk 'raining fiery stones']

the imminent outcome -->> Batshatul Kubra/Hadda -->> AD-DUKHAN

فَارتَقِب يَومَ تَأتِى السَّماءُ بِدُخانٍ مُبينٍ ﴿١٠﴾
(10) Then watch/be on the lookout for the Day that the sky will bring forth SMOKE plainly visible,

Wallahu A'lam.....

Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:15 pm
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Unread post Re: **Tying in Some of the Theories**
reverse double eclipses of Ramadhan;

i am presuming these will be unexpected in nature and as you say far from conventional .. [as for this year there are no 'expected' lunar or solar eclipses in Ramadhan-ul-Mubarak.. they are later in November]

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a passer-by.
Hadith Bukhari

Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:40 am
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asralfarhi wrote:
I was not sure where to post this; I figured this is one aspect of Dajjal that cannot be ignored anymore by the sheer weight evidences/sightings/whistleblower report/mind programming thru media etc.


If anyone's been on this forum long enough, you'd recognize me as one of the 'Resident UFO/Sci-Fi Buffs' on WUP. When I make references to these UFO phenomenon, it is not so much in believing in them, it's more of acknowledging where they come from....[mostly terrestrial based / man made]


Factor on all of these happenings/events:

- There are no more manned space flights from the Space Shuttle Program
The Space Shuttle program formally ended on August 31, 2011.

- We still have the Russian Space rocket right? i.e Soyuz Rocket

Errrrk! Not any more.....

http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/ ... de0cf1||||

Soyuz grounded: No way to ISS
Aug. 29: Russia grounds Soyuz rockets in wake of failed launch, leaving no way to reach the ISS. WESH's Dan Billow reports.

- The ISS is very likely being evacuated for the first time in its history

International Space Station May Be Evacuated By Late November, NASA Says
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/2 ... 40517.html


It looks as if they do not want any official Space Program having manned mission in space at this juncture;

Just when we thought it doesn't get any more crazier:
:shock: say whaaaat?

Moon to have no-fly zones by month end
http://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/scienc ... 432999.ece

[They 'almost' make it sound that they make frequent commute to the Moon... :geek: ]

Brother, this is interesting you say this because the very moment I heard about the flights to space from NASA being cancelled when the news first emerged, I KNEW there was a more sinister plot behind the scenes to it. There's just no logic dictating why they would make such an action. As for your follow-up links after that, I love it!

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

The destination? Who cares. Everyone's always so worried about the end but no one wants to take the journey to get there.

{{My Youtube Channel}}

[[You Seek, You Find]]

(((WAKE UP)))

Thu Jul 12, 2012 5:45 pm
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Leopraecordia wrote:
Brother, this is interesting you say this because the very moment I heard about the flights to space from NASA being cancelled when the news first emerged, I KNEW there was a more sinister plot behind the scenes to it. There's just no logic dictating why they would make such an action. As for your follow-up links after that, I love it!

Glad you loved it.....in an age whereby Cosmic Signs are the order of the day, they will do anything to suppress latest developments that are brewing from ABOVE.....until the very last minute

Let's not be naive that they would not know crystal clear prophecies of the Last Prophet......they spare no expense to prepare for the upcoming Cosmic encounters. [Do you have your Golden Tickets ready?]

Since we're at the subject of "Dajjal and the Samawat"; this bit of info should be bumped here - something about 'Dajjal's flying donkey' in more detail:

Perhaps, Dajjal's own "Götterdämmerung"???


Reading in between the lines;
here are some very intriguing Hadith found on eshaykh.com.....very spine chilling, if you understand the big picture.

Dajjal and His Donkey
Posted on March 21, 2011 by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani



As-Salamu Alekum My Sayeddi,
Peace be upon our Prophet Muhammed(S), May Allah shower his infinite mercy upon you My Sayeddi, Upon our master Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani and Grand Shaykh Abdullah Faiz Ad-Dagestani Q.S.

My Sayeddi, Our Prophet Muhammed(S) said Dajjal shall come on a Donkey. Many contemporary Muslim scholars say the donkey is already here and that it is the Aircraft. I ask you, My Sayeddi is this correlation an accurate one?

As-Salamu Aleikum.


In an authentic hadith Sayyidina `Ali (r) related that the Prophet (s) said:

The Dajjāl uses a special kind of donkey possessing two enormous ears, each of which is at least 30 arms-lengths, moving in the skies, with the clouds so near he can reach them with his hand and it travels faster than the sun going to its sunset.
(Mentioned in Kanz ul-`Ummal and `Uqd ad-Durrar, Imam al-Maqdisi.)

The Prophet (s) said, regarding the Dajjāl’s donkey:

يقول الرسول الكريم صلى الله عليه وسلم عن هذا الحمار: يأكل الحجارة ويسبقه جبل من دخان ويركب الناس في جوفه وليس على ظهره

He eats rocks and a mountain of smoke precedes him and people ride inside him, and not on his back.

Another version has:

In front of him is something like a mountain of smoke and behind him something like a green mountain, calling to men in a loud voice, “come to me, my sincere ones, my saints, come to me my lovers, come to me I am going to create for you everything good.”
(al-Hakim and bin Asakir)

This means that as he traverses the earth it moves under him like a green expanse.

Another hadith mentioned that the Dajjāl’s donkey eats fire within its body and it has an opening from which fire and smoke emerge. It moves with a very high speed over land, oceans and skies. Its color is very white like the moon. Between one step and another is like the walking of a day and a night. On earth its length is ~180 ft.

We may possibly infer then that the Dajjāl’s precursors of this time will use airplanes for their evil work as described clearly in hadith of the Prophet (s). We see this today where these arch-deceivers use airplanes to hijack and kidnap and kill, and this has been their modus operandi now for over 30 years.

The Dajjāl emerges in time where there is lightness/weakness in religion and a lack of knowledge… the donkey he rides has a girth of 40 arm-lengths between its two ears [100 feet]…
(al-Hakim’s al-Mustadrak.)

These are clear descriptions of an airplane where the ears are the wings and the color described, aqmar, means pearly like the moon – the color of many aircraft today.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani


For us peeps of the Last Age; the flying crafts of Dajjal & Co. are of the unclassified UFO types [ever heard of the TRB-3? that's an old type]; funded by off the books black budgets, by the trillions of $$$ employing djinn tech......<<edited: that's only half of the story.....>>

......the clear message in that music video; 'HE'S COMING REAL SOON!'

Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:56 am
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Unread post Re: **Tying in Some of the Theories**
Had this sudden urge to let this out, and ponder some very deep questions....since this thread is TYING THEORIES, a lot of cross referencing here.

- what is the true nature of the two rivers that is said to be brought by Dajjal behind him?

Here's what can be learned in Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani q.s. SIRRUL ASRAR (Secret of Secrets);
"Even the higher heavens/dimensions there are SHAYTANS (spiritually bankrupted entities)"

Shayateen, In what forms?


btw, speaking of tridents......a.k.a pitchforks; this item is closely associated with this guy:

Blast or no blast of Ramadhan will largely depend on what moves Iblies and his worshipers make FIRST......Shaytan & his minions may be A.W.O.L during Ramadhan, but don't forget the Shayateen in human form. I guess there was no coincidence why the Olympics is set up in the middle of Ramadhan, they'll need all the energy they can get. SO WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED ABOUT STADIUMS?

Then again coming to think about it, energy work is only half the story.....Ramadhan is technically the best cover story for these 'EDs/ETs' to make the eventual appearance -

"look we're here, we are you and you are us (humans), so we can't be shaytan/djinns"

errrrk! RED FLAG.....if these bloke decide to show up anything less than the universal constant:
"LA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMAD RASULULLAH" -->> in the most economical of words the Book called the Al-Quran has this to say:


FROM "AL-KHANNAS" - a type of Shaytan.....

"6. Minal Jinnati wan naas" From Djinn and Humankind



If anyone is familiar the New Ager group - most of their information come from 'CHANNELING' - a form of YUWASWISU?

'Whispering in the hearts' - nothing SHIRIK about this ability, it's naturally inherent in all of Bani Adam, most are not aware of this (we just have to be careful where which channel our hearts are tuned into)

This google search is very eerie: http://www.google.com.my/#hl=en&sclient ... 00&bih=763

It would seem that this CHANNELED info is spammed all over threads and forums that are directly and indirectly NEW AGE. If this is their move....this has to be it.

We patiently observe for now. Next milestone 4th August? socalled 1st Contact.


A very interesting take from the Christian perpsective - a christian brother warning us about the Fake Rapture.....

The Counterfeit Rapture
Posted on July 29, 2012 by John Baptist
http://www.tribulation-now.org/2012/07/ ... t-rapture/

Lucifer, the egocentric tyrant, who started the whole “angelic” rebellion millions of years ago, is behind this entire facade. He gives the orders top down. The Draconian entities have “horns” (see Revelation 13, and 17, for the amazingly appropriate metaphor of the horns) and they take orders directly from Lucifer. The reptilian entities here on earth take their orders from the Dracos. The Zetas take their orders from the shape-shifting reptilians working in the Military Extraterrestrial Industrial Complex (“MEIC”, Dulce Level 6 and lower), and the Zeta-Grays (both short and tall Mantis “like” demon looking creatures) give orders to the humanoid looking Pleiadians, and the freakish Andromedan Nordic “entities”.

[note: if you find suppressed archaeological digs the horned beings are anything but metaphoric, these skulls should say the verdict:



David Wilcock - Coast To Coast AM with George Noory 05-09-12 - Divine Intervention

With my crappy internet bandwidth it took me a whole day to listen into this; the main gist of this talk for better or for worse, these INTERVENING ETs/EDs are essentially HUMANS. The dark side of the moon is literally lined up with thousands of spacecrafts like a freaking airport.

Mass evac en route?


Here's my gripe, the only reason why anyone would want to go off planet hurriedly (false rapture/Illuminati term -- GREAT HARVEST) to a seemingly heavenly abode is when cataclysmic events take place on Earth that you see as a literal hell on Earth 'wishing that you were dead'.

As always our UNIVERSAL CONSTANT is "LA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMAD RASULULLAH".....anything less is a safe bet they're working for Iblees/Lucifer alaihi la'natullah.

Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:19 pm
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Unread post Re: **Tying in Some of the Theories**
as_salàm 'alaykùm,

would i be blameful if i spam here to tie some of my theories ?!! no ?!

well, looking to the known point of dajjal's killing by 'Issà ('as), whose place will be 'bàb al Ludd'.

Ludd in Arabic gives Lydda in common naming ...

i've seen no any mentioning of this criteria of the Story, but doest it fit onto the thread ... it gives you at least a final geographical position of the dajjàl;

so there it is, before any individual search let on your charge, i must answer where is located this place;

so let's see it ...

{ as the sheikh Imran Hosein so-called obsession on Reeba thing as mine for zionism guilty, i assume ! }

bab al ludd / lydda

Muslim :: Book 41 : Hadith 7015
He ('Issà) would then search for him (Dajjal) until he would catch hold of him at the gate of Ludd and would kill him.

The Book Pertaining to the Turmoil and Portents of the Last Hour (Kitab Al-Fitan wa Ashrat As-Sa`ah)

Muslim :: Book 41 : Hadith 7015

An-Nawwas b. Sam'an reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) made a mention of the Dajjal one day in the morning. He sometimes described him to be insignificant and sometimes described (his turmoil) as very significant rand we felt) as if he were in the cluster of the date-palm trees. When we went to him (to the Holy Prophet) in the evening and he read (the signs of fear) in our faces, he said: What is the matter with you? We said: Allah's Messenger, you made a mention of the Dajjal in the morning (sometimes describing him) to be insignificant and sometimes very important, until we began to think as if he were present in some (near) part of the cluster of the datpalm trees. Thereupon he said: I harbour fear in regard to you in so many other things besides the Dajjal. If he comes forth while I am among on, I shall contend with him on your behalf, but if he comes forth while I am not amongst you, a man must contend on his own behalf and Allah would take care of every Muslim on my behalf (and safeguard him against his evil). He (Dajjal) would be a young man with twisted, contracted hair, and a blind eye. I compare him to 'Abd-ul-'Uzza b. Qatan. He who amongst you would survive to see him should recite over him the opening verses of Sura Kahf (xviii.). He would appear on the way between Syria and Iraq and would spread mischief right and left. O servant of Allah! adhere (to the path of Truth). We said: Allah's Messenger, how long would he stay on the earth? He said.. For forty days, one day like a year and one day like a month and one day like a week and the rest of the days would be like your days. We said: Allah's Messenger, would one day's prayer suffice for the prayers of day equal to one year? Thereupon he said: No, but you must make an estimate of time (and then observe prayer). We said: Allah's Messenger, how quickly would he walk upon the earth? Thereupon he said: Like cloud driven by the wind. He would come to the people and invite them (to a wrong religion) and they would affirm their faith in him and respond to him. He would then give command to the sky and there would be rainfall upon the earth and it would grow crops. Then in the evening, their posturing animals would come to them with their humps very high and their udders full of milk and their flanks stretched. He would then come to another people and invite them. But they would reject him and he would go away from them and there would be drought for them and nothing would be lef t with them in the form of wealth.

He would then walk through the waste, land and say to it: Bring forth your treasures, and the treasures would come out and collect (themselves) before him like the swarm of bees. He would then call a person brimming with youth and strike him with the sword and cut him into two pieces and (make these pieces lie at a distance which is generally) between the archer and his target. He would then call (that young man) and he will come forward laughing with his face gleaming (with happiness) and it would at this very time that Allah would send Christ, son of Mary, and he will descend at the white minaret in the eastern side of Damscus wearing two garments lightly dyed with saffron and placing his hands on the wings of two Angels. When he would lower his head, there would fall beads of perspiration from his head, and when he would raise it up, beads like pearls would scatter from it. Every non-believer who would smell the odour of his self would die and his breath would reach as far as he would be able to see. He would then search for him (Dajjal) until he would catch hold of him at the gate of Ludd and would kill him. Then a people whom Allah had protected would come to Jesus, son of Mary, and he would wipe their faces and would inform them of their ranks in Paradise and it would be under such conditions that Allah would reveal to Jesus these words: I have brought forth from amongst My servants such people against whom none would be able to fight; you take these people safely to Tur, and then Allah would send Gog and Magog and they would swarm down from every slope. The first of them would pass the lake of Tibering and drink out of it. And when the last of them would pass, he would say: There was once water there. Jesus and his companions would then be besieged here (at Tur, and they would be so much hard pressed) that the head of the ox would be dearer to them than one hundred dinirs and Allah's Apostle, Jesus, and his companions would supplicate Allah, Who would send to them insects (which would attack their necks) and in the morning they would perish like one single person. Allah's Apostle, Jesus, and his companions would then come down to the earth and they would not find in the earth as much space as a single span which is not filled with their putrefaction and stench. Allah's Apostle, Jesus, and his companions would then again beseech Allah, Who would send birds whose necks would be like those of bactrin camels and they would carry them and throw them where God would will.

Then Allah would send rain which no house of clay or (the tent of) camels' hairs would keep out and it would wash away the earth until it could appear to be a mirror. Then the earth would be told to bring forth its fruit and restore its blessing and, as a result thereof, there would grow (such a big) pomegranate that a group of persons would be able to eat that, and seek shelter under its skin and milch cow would give so much milk that a whole party would be able to drink it. And the milch camel would give such (a large quantity of) milk that the whole tribe would be able to drink out of that and the milch sheep would give so much milk that the whole family would be able to drink out of that and at that time Allah would send a pleasant wind which would soothe (people) even under their armpits, and would take the life of every Muslim and only the wicked would survive who would commit adultery like asses and the Last Hour would come to them.

Lydda logo (surely the 'gate' on it, 'bab al Ludd')


... is a city 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) southeast of Tel Aviv.


Lydda in Easton's Bible Dictionary a town in the tribe of Ephraim, mentioned only in the New Testament (Acts 9:32, 35, 38) as the scene of Peter's miracle in healing the paralytic AEneas. It lay about 9 miles east of Joppa, on the road from the sea-port to Jerusalem. In the Old Testament (1 Chr. 8:12) it is called Lod. It was burned by the Romans, but was afterwards rebuilt, and was known by the name of Diospolis. Its modern name is Ludd. The so-called patron saint of England, St. George, is said to have been born here.

george of lydda, the so-called patron saint of england ... woow we're high with such profile; above it's the sun !!!

let me ask if anybody ever heard anything about him ? ... while getting in charge the saint patronicity of england, including buckingham palace ... it's a whole and the least to say !

ok, that's the myth about mr.george of Lydda wikipedia:

his flag:


briefly, it is a myth which narrates a story between george and a dragon ...

easily pictured with pictures ... called illustration !


funny 'hazard' to find england, with fundamentalist belief linked to the place where dajjal will be killed !

Là ilàha illà ALLAH
Mùhammad ar-Rasool ALLAH (sA'aws)

Ummà's Victory goes with the destruction of Reeba (Usury)
the zionist plan for middle-east, 1982 [arab spring]
the dogma of the trinity
The Controversy of Zion [masterpiece for understanding]
two opposed forces make standing the Pyramid

Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:20 pm
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Unread post Re: **Tying in Some of the Theories**
Leopraecordia wrote:
As-Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

This is where I'll attempt to tie in physical & magnetic polar shifting.

with this sign brother, i will be have to disagree. this is because in the Qur'an it clearly states that Allah's creation does not change. therefore i see this to be symbolic. so a symbolic sunrise. this as Sheikh Imran Hosein said, a false sunrise which would rise from the west. Sheikh see this to be modern western civilization.

"An eye for an eye,...

...makes the whole world blind"

-Mohandas Gandhi

Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:38 am
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