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 Beautiful Signs - Surat 23 Al-Mu'minūn (v12-22) 
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Unread post Beautiful Signs - Surat 23 Al-Mu'minūn (v12-22)
Al-Hamdulillah. Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik ‘ala an-Nur al-Mubin ‘Abdika wa Habibika Sayyidina Muhammad al-Amin wa ‘ala alihi wa sahbihi wa haqiqna bihubbihi wa akrimna biqurbihi wa-j’alna min rufaqa’ihi ya Rabbal-‘alamin. Allahumma Salli wa Sallim Da'iman Abadan, 'ala Habibika Khairil-Khalqi Kullihimi.

"Praise be to Allah. O Allah confer blessing, and peace, and bounty upon the Light Distinct, Your Servant and Your Beloved, our Liegelord Muhammad the Trustworthy, and upon his Folk and Companions, and make us true in his love, ennoble us with his nearness, and make us of his entourage, O Lord of the Worlds!"

Blessed be Allah, the Best of Creators, the Most Beautiful, the Most Merciful.

Blessed be His Beloved, the Best of all Creation, whose Beauty the Greatest Sign, whose Person the Greatest Mercy.

Allahumma Solli 'ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Afdoli Ambiyaaa'ika wa Akrami As-fiyaaa'ika Man Faadot Min Nurihi Jami'ul Anwaari, wa Saohibil Mou'jizaati wa Soahibil Maqaamil Mahmudi Sayyidil Awwalina wal-Akhirin. Wal-Hamdulillahi Rabbi-l-'Alamin.

"O Allah confer blessing upon our Liegelord Muhammad, the Most Virtuous of Your Prophets and the Most Generous of Your Chosen Ones, whose Light excels all lights, [and who is] the Possessor of Miracles and the Holder of the Praised Station, the Liegelord of the former and the later peoples."

“For Your munificence encompasses both this world and the one that comes next, ﷺ
and Your sciences encompass the knowledge of the Tablet and the Pen. ﷺ
O my Patron-God! Send prayers and peace, continuous and everlasting,
upon Your Beloved, the Best of the Entire Creation. ﷺ”

[Qasida al-Burdah]

“Share The Prophet (ﷺ) with the people. The “Da’wah” will take care of itself.” [Sidi Nader Khan]

- “Each perception of beauty is a prayer upon the Prophet.” [Dr. Timothy Winters (Shaykh Abd al-Hakim Murad)]

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Unread post Re: Beautiful Signs - Surat 23 Al-Mu'minūn (v12-22)
Masha'Allah... JazakAllah khair for sharing & may Allah reward u with Jannah Akhi..Ameen

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